HOST A SCREENING opportunities for "AN ISLAND", a film by Vincent Moon and Efterklang

AN ISLAND, the film by Vincent Moon based on the music by Efterklang will start its official screenings on February 2011.

Efterklang and Vincent Moon have recently invited all their listeners and followers to host their own screenings of An Island.

These PRIVATE-PUBLIC SCREENINGS, as they call them, will run for two months – February and March 2011. The name, as they explain, comes from the fact that the screenings are "private" because they are hosted by private people and "public" because the screenings are official and open to anyone.

Basic rules apply:

-The screenings need to have free entrance

-The screenings need to be public.

-The screenings need to have a minimum capacity of 5 people

-The screenings need to be verified by Efterklang & Vincent Moon and only screenings that are featured on www.anisland.cc are official Private-Public Screenings

All the information about the film and how to host a screening can be found HERE.

I see this as a perfect opportunity for the MUSICAL SOULMATE crew and friends to contribute to the free distribution of this film and independent music work in general, something that have always characterized Vincent Moon's work throughout the years.

So far, I only see one screening for 8 people in Mexico City, having one at our headquarters in the 319, might not be a bad idea...I will just say this once.

I leave the third teaser of this film...



AN ISLAND - 3rd TEASER - Vincent Moon & Efterklang from Rumraket on Vimeo.

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